Here is a list of projects I'm working on or have worked on:

Elemenja (2015)

Elemenja is designed for smartphone with the touch function. It's a sidescroller in which your reaction skills are tested.


Currently I'm working  with a programmer on it and it's finished soon.

Mage Fight (2014-2015)

At the moment we are working at a first person shooter. In our team are 9 members and the current status is pre-alpha. I'm responsible for the 3D Assets and i'm invovled in the brainstorming meetings and game designs.



Pre alpha footage, modular low poly box modelling of a cathedral without details and without textures (no diff/normal/disp/etc)

Command or Fight (2013)


"Command or Fight" is a "First-Person-Shooter“-„Roleplaying Game“-mix on the one hand and a "Real-Time-Strategy“-"MOBA“-mix on the other hand. The player has got the choice to play a rebel in first person or a commander from a top down perspective.


The idea was born in 2010 and has been gradually developed. In the year 2013 I started to draw pictures for a short film, so I can present my idea. After finishing the game concept video, I went online and tried to finance it with crowdfunding.


It quickly became clear that we needed a prototype, so we started to develop it, but time was running out and I got a full-time job, so i paused it and stopped the marketing.

Onslaught: The Last Stand (2011-2012)

Onslaught: The Last Stand or short “O:TLS” was a project while studding. It was an assignment and necessarily for the bachelor. We were a great team of 16 students: programmer, artist, audio engineers, web and film students’ as well.

After the project presentation at the university, we submitted it to the Alumni Award. Unfortunately, it was not enough for first place. At Games Com 2012, we presented our project and the visitors were able to play our game.


 I was responsible for the Concept Arts, UI and some 3D Assets. Click here for more pictures.

World in Chaos (2011)

The second project in which I was involved was “World in Chaos”. A programmer realized his idea and needed some Arts for his game. So i drew some pictures for him. However, the game was never finished.

Blood Purification (2010)

“Blood Purification” is a flash game and was developed by a little team in the first year of study. There were seven people who worked on it and it’s a simple tower defense game in which antibodies fighting viruses. We finished it in four weeks.

I was responsible for the concept art and the 2d art. It was my first game project I was working on.