Game Concepts:

Here are all my game concepts, which are planned, designed and created by me:

Command or Fight (2010)


Command or Fight is a „First-Person-Shooter“-„Roleplaying Game“-mix on the one hand and a „Real-Time-Strategy“-„MOBA“-mix on the other hand. The player has got the choice to play a rebel in first person or a commander from a top down perspective.


Power of Faith (2013)

Power of Faith is a "real-time-strategy"-game with "action"-game features. The setting is about gods, ancient heroes and creatures. The players can swap between mouse+keyboard and gamepad while playing.


Creature Evolution (2014)

"CreVo" is a roleplaying game with titans, elements and creatures. The vision is that you can experience an adventure in a fantasy world with VR,  gesture control and voice control.


Elemenja (2014)

Elemenja is a sidescroller game for smartphones. It's a skill game.


Bubble Count (2014)

Bubble Count is a smartphone game too. It's a reaction and thinking game.

Dino Farm (2011)

This game was designed for the browser. It's a building game with breeding and fighting elements.